A Rarity // Hellbent’s Rhea Moon Necklace

A Rarity | Hellbent Rhea Moon Necklace designed exclusively for www.crown-nin.com


Join us on our newest installment of A Rarity, our exclusive limited edition line of jewelry made by the freshest artists.  This month we’re featuring the beautiful Beth Naumann of Hellbent based in Oakland. The spread is full of gorgeous photos of Beth’s studio taken by photographer Eva Kolenko.

The Rhea Moon Necklace is inspired by walking the city streets of her beloved Oakland, the Rhea necklace is a modern take on art deco with lux layers of decadent architecture.  The feminine and bold lines pair well with color blocking and prints alike.  Sure to send any Gatsby fan straight over the moon.

L O V E + M E T A L


A Rarity: The Fringe Bangle

A Rarity | Ortolan Designs Fringe Cuff | Exclusively for www.crown-nine.com

Our newest Rarity by the San Francisco based duo, Kim and Jasper, of Ortolan Designs.

The Fringe Bangle is a golden hued brass locking cuff with bullet like fridge, inspired by the free flowing flapper dresses of the 1920’s.

“We wanted to create something provocative, fun, free moving, and liberated from our typical rigid designs, kind of like women being liberated from restrictive dresses during the roaring twenties.”

The cuff fits all sizes, it opens so it’s easy to slide on, and also has a built-in effortless one hand lock that will secure the cuff in place. The fringe will tickle your skin, quietly jingle while you strut, and bring movement and freedom to your wardrobe.

A Rarity | Ortolan Designs Fringe Cuff | Exclusively for www.crown-nine.com A Rarity | Ortolan Designs Fringe Cuff | Exclusively for www.crown-nine.com A Rarity | Ortolan Designs Fringe Cuff | Exclusively for www.crown-nine.com

And be sure to check out the studio visit with EVA KOLENKO and their interview of the creative process.

Ortolan Designs in their studio in SF, by EVA KOLENKO

A Rare Story

Every piece of jewelry has a story. There is one we attach to it over time. There is also one that is born when the piece of jewelry is first created. Both carry a significance to the wearer. And as the piece travels through life with us the stories are passed on, told time and again, until one day that piece of jewelry is passed on to another person. A new story begins, but the piece remains, always holding great significance and importance to the wearer.


I strongly believe in the power of what we choose to adorn our bodies with. I believe the bits of metal and stone and gem we wear on ourselves, our fingers, necks, wrists, they give us strength. When I got the opportunity to photograph Kate Ellen’s Mitsuro Diamond Bangle, the first rarity to appear in Crown Nine’s ‘A Rarity’ series, I immediately felt that overwhelming power.

The bangle is a beautiful concoction of modern sensibilities and ancient technique. Kate Ellen melds influences from a recent inspirational trip to Joshua Tree to create a truly special piece that requires no special occasion to be worn. It is the kind of piece that clearly has a million stories to share.



With these photographs I hoped to capture the enchanting quality about the Mitsuro bangle. The union of perfect imperfections. The rough texture paired with clear cut diamonds. The influence of desert sand comes across so nicely when juxtaposed with nature’s landscape.




The bracelet looks lovely adorning the wrist alone, but I can imagine paired with the most prized items from your jewelry box will be equally magnificent.

A Rarity Getting Some Love!

Refinery29 | Crown Nine | A Rarity

We’re out of out minds excited for the launch of A RARITY this upcoming Monday, March 25th.  We’ve been working hard on curating lots of pretty things, taking photos of the studios of our artists, and cannot wait to share with the world.  Check out what Refinery29 has to say about the sneak-peek they got.

And become an Insider to get first dips on each Rarity as they go on sale: http://eepurl.com/v2Z-f

Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes

In the studio with Derek Duncan of DMD Metals and Eva Kolenko, shooting for A Rarity

Fruitful Sunday

Jewelry Maven and shop owner Kate Ellen teaches all the jewelry crafting classes at Crown Nine, and in 2013 started teaching private lessons in her own personal studio. Student Jenn F. Spent the day learning how to bezel set cabochons and tube set faceted stones.




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